Protect Your Brookside Home from Burglaries

Last night I attended a Brookside/Waldo networking event at the Metro Patrol division of the KCMO Police Dept at 7601 Prospect.  The first bit of news I heard on arrival was that the cops had caught the guy who robbed McClain’s Bakery–twice!  They were waiting for him on the second event and picked up the perp the same day.  Thank you, officers, for your diligent policing of Brookside and our neighborhood shops.

I also talked to office John Trainor, who runs the Residential Surveys program for the department. This is a complimentary service, where John comes to your home and spends thirty minutes or so surveying your property from a security perspective. He will offer suggestions on ways to discourage burglars from making your house a target.  Usually these appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday, 11am-2pm, contact John via email to schedule a visit:

Another interesting fact I learned last night about break-ins:  50% of burglars go through the front door!  First they knock to see if anyone is home–if no answer, they will kick in the front door.  I asked about these thick, old Brookside doors–John said they are relatively easy to kick in, especially if the deadbolt is less than one inch long.  Also, most burglaries occur during the day rather than at night–I thought just the opposite.  Finally, approximately twenty cars per day are broken into in Kansas City MO.  Lock your car and don’t leave anything inside of value!

I hope this information is helpful to you–I’m going to schedule a visit with John at my own home.  Be proactive about protecting the contents of your home and vehicles–it just takes a little extra effort!

1 thought on “Protect Your Brookside Home from Burglaries

  1. Great information, Mary.
    Unfortunately had a kick-in break-in at our old home in Waldo, and then got smart about security. We, too, had Officer Trainer out after the fact, and he was very helpful.
    We also discovered a product–Strikemaster II Pro (–that you install into the door jamb to make it kick-proof (by distributing weight across the length of the door versus just the Deadbolt). It was the FIRST THING we bought when we moved to Armour Hills. This is not a cheap product, but well worth it for the peace of mind.
    My other comment…Given recent events in the neighborhood (from the Waldo rapist to the recent string of burglaries) I am constantly surprised by how DARK the houses in Armour Hills are. I can walk down a street at night and count on one hand those with porch lights on. Seriously, it’s so easy to turn the porch light on!
    We’re hyper-vigilant, and it shows…our house is always lit like a Christmas tree, with exterior flood lights on several sides and the garage, and a bright porch light!

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