Holiday Gift Ideas from Brookside!

What makes the best holiday gifts?  To me, it’s receiving something that’s a bit of a splurge that I wouldn’t normally  buy for myself.  Most everyone is more conservative with spending these days, so a little luxury type  gift that lifts spirits is so appreciated.  On my splurge list:  top quality coffee, a beautiful Christmas serving dish, fragrant soaps and lotions, pretty patterned leather gloves, a pedicure, hand made earrings.  As you are rushing around this week looking for those last minute presents, keep the splurge gift idea in mind.  And of course…shop Brookside!  Lots of splurge  —  and practical — gifts here.  Plus, the service is so much better than a cranky generic mall clerk and many shops offer free holiday wrap.  Read on for a few last minute gift suggestions from my neighborhood:

For Mom:  A night off from cooking!  Pick up a gift card from Carmen’s Cafe , Bella Napoli or Cosentino’s.

Jewelry  — or just about anything–from Stuff

Christmas decor from The Fiddly Fig

For Dad:   A massage from Massage Point, haircut from Brookside Barber Shop, services from Rydell Tailor.

For Grandma:  Scarf, jewelry or scented soaps from Worlds Window

Glass dishes from Shop Beautful

Scented candles from 5B Candlemaker

For Gen X and Y:  Gift card to Julian or The Roasterie

For kids:            Books from Reading Reptile

Card Games from Brookside Toy and Science

Bunch of hair ribbons from The New Dime Store

Gift card from Baskin Robbins/Topsy’s

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.  Shopping in Brookside isn’t a dreaded chore–you’ll find just about everything you need right here, with your dollars staying in the local economy.  Happy holidays and I hope your stocking is stuffed with a splurge gift for you!

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