The Way We Were

Original Art Deco light fixture

Just had to write a quick blog about this Brookside area listing in Brownwood Park!  What a fantastic example of the way we were…this home built during the Art Deco craze of the 1930s…

Brookside area Art Deco home

There is original tilework, so well preserved, in the kitchen and bath of this home.  Brillant colors, original cabinets, the built in cutting board…

Brookside area Art Deco home

Also, check out the crown molding at the ceiling…

The living room features the original fireplace as well.

Brookside area Art Deco fireplace

Now for many buyers, all this deco would be a turn-off.  They would see this house as ‘too much work’–ripping out the tile and replacing it, updating the kitchen and bath cabinets, the sinks, the flooring.  But there is someone out there who will buy this house specificically for the original art deco charm. 

Brookside area Art Deco bath

The craftsmanship that built this home…gone forever, I’m afraid.  Still, after decades of various owners and home style changes, the deco decor is still so easy to appreciate. What is the classic home style decor today that will still look so cool 80 years from now??


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