Why I Love Eclectics In Waldo

–I love shopping at art fairs…you always find the most unique items, especially hand made jewerly.  Usually whenever I’m wearing something I purchased at an art fair, someone remarks on it in a complimentary way.

Eclectics 7015 Oak in Waldo

Eclectics is like an art fair..that’s always here!  This artists cooperative is celebrating it’s 21st year in Waldo at 7015 Oak.  The shop features all local artists, everything made by hand, and the selection is constantly changing.  While browsing in the shop recently, they were featuring wearable wooden ties for Father’s Day!

I often by ‘welcome to your new home’ gifts for clients from Eclectics.  They have unique lamps, yard art, wall art and mirrors, glassware and textiles.  Plus, they gift wrap anything you buy in colorful tissue and ribbons.

Eclectics doesn’t have a regular website, but you can find out more about them at http://oureclecticlives.blogspot.com.  They offer various classes and have  regular artists shows throughout the year.  This year’s themes are:  glow, grow, bow, crow and show.

Summer hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am-6pm.  Staffed by artists who sell at the shop, you’ll always find a friendly, helpful person at the desk to assist you.

So often we can be stuck on what to get that special person who would really appreciates a piece of handmade jewelry or unusual piece of decor..a stop by Eclectics is sure to inspire you.  And like me, you will probably buy a piece of jewerly for yourself while you are there!

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