The Bike Shop–A Midtown Treasure

The  Bike Shop at 5100 Troost..this is an example of how someone can take their passion and turn it into a thriving community service!  You’ve probably noticed more and more bicyclists along the road during these warmer days, especially on Saturday mornings.  Thanks to Kansas City resident Elizabeth Bejan and her bike store, a good quality used bike is now available for anyone.

The Bike Shop, 5100 Troost

The Bike Shop is part of RevolveKC, a non-profit group Elizabeth started a few years ago.  Here, anyone can ‘earn a bike’ by taking a bike safety course and passing a simple skills test or by volunteering at the Bike Shop.  You can also get information on how to use your bike for commuting, donate old bicycles for refurbishing or buy a used bike.

One of the coolest aspects of the Bike Shop is its building at 5100 Troost.  Formerly a gas station, this all brick building is easily accessible by bike and has a comfortable retro vibe.  It sits next to the Green Impact Zone, a 150 block area patched with urban blight and decay.  Elizabeth offers a special deal on bikes to residents of this Zone.

Elizabeth Bejan

Interested in joining a weekly bike ride group?  The Bike Shop has that covered as well.  Elizabeth’s business partner, Theresa Van Ackeren, owns Family Bicycles in Waldo.  Every Monday night,  Theresa hosts a moderately paced  bike ride around Kansas City  The ride departs at 6:30pm from the Family Bicycles location at 7410 Wornall.

If you’ve been thinking of using your bike more often–or need a bike for yourself, a friend or a child–stop by The Bike Shop (or Family Bicycles).  You’ll find friendly information and advice, along with encouragement to get you started!  Both businesses have  Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “The Bike Shop–A Midtown Treasure

  1. Not every neighborhood in the Green Impact Zone is filled with “blight and decay” and what you have stated is a generalization. Troostwood, for example, right across the street from this Revolve’s shop is far from a blighted area… but is in fact in that 150 square blocks. In fact, The owner’s of both shops call Troostwood home.


    • Jason, you are correct–the Green Impact Zone isn’t all blight and decay. There are some beautiful, well kept homes in the area and the neighborhood is very active. Thanks for the comment.

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