Louis CK: Give Kansas City Another Chance!

I really like the FX show Louie.  Loosely based on the life of comedian Louis CK, this show is about Louie as a stand up comedian, raising his two girls in New York City and trying to find a significant other to share life’s daily struggles.  It’s not  a true comedy, it’s not a strict drama, it’s…unusual.  It’s a combination of things:  hilarious, sad, odd, surreal, preachy, extremely personal, raw, sweet and touching. FX gives Louis CK complete creative control over the show–so the star writes, edits and produces the show himself. And it’s been nominated for several Emmys this year.

Louie — TV show on FX

So in last Thursday’s episode (airdate: August 2, 2012), Louie is doing a phone interview with a radio station to promote his (fictional) upcoming shows in Kansas City at Stanford and Sons because the ticket sales are slow. After some very funny, undecipherable banter with the DJs, Louie blurts out  how much he hates Kansas City.  He says, in part,  “Kansas CIty is the worst town I’ve ever been in…what a dump.  It’s the worst city in North America, and that includes Canada and Mexico”.  After this rant, the radio hosts end the interview. This is the third time I’ve heard Louie rag on about Kansas City –why does he keep bringing it up that he hates it here?

I think it was on Marc Maron’s podcast WTF? that I first heard Louie tell a story about his horrible experience in KC.  It was something like: he did a show,  got high after with the staff, and then got lost trying to get back to his hotel. I don’t remember exactly.  But it was clear he had a horrible time. Then, earlier this year he was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and ranted about it again.  Now  he’s dissing us  on the TV show.  Really,  Louie, was every visit here so  bad that you have to keep harping on it? You haven’t been back since to give us another chance?  Don’t you know we just hosted the All Star Game?  We were chosen to be the first city to have the Google superfast fiber network? Hey, we have some culture  and it IS possible to have a good time here! Other comedians from the area love it when they come home (Rob Riggle, Jason Sudekis, Paul Judd, Eric Stonestreet)..maybe you aren’t hanging with the fun crowd during your visits??

Louie, come back to Kansas City.  Skip the comedy club.  Do a show in my backyard (that’s very trendy now for up and coming touring musicians–they love the intimate atmosphere) and bring the girls–they can play in the park down the block. I’ll invite all my friends who love your show and your unique style of comedy.  Before the  show, we can grab some BBQ at Oklahoma Joe’s (your kind of place–it’s housed in a gas staton).  After the show, we’ll walk to   Foos for frozen custard–I know how much you love ice cream! Your agent can book you at one of our fancy hotels (yes, we do have them, you’ll be treated well).  I’ll give you a city tour–you can see our beloved Shuttlecocks, cruise the Country Club Plaza, and we’ll do the art walk if you are here on the first Friday of the month. Sit by yourself in a coffee shop and see how many people give you a warm smile.  Nope, Kansas City is not New York..but it does have a lot to offer, and I’ll bet you’ll be surprised the good time  you’ll have here. Be more…open-minded.

Louis, you’ve finally made the big time…and did it your way.  Don’t get caught now  in the bubble of unending adoration, yes men all around, playing all  big theaters for mucho bucks, just seeing each city from the limo window and concierge level. Remember what a good time you had  hanging in Miami? You can experience the same in Kansas City…give us another chance!!

4 thoughts on “Louis CK: Give Kansas City Another Chance!

  1. Good riddance. If his idea of “creativity” is to perpetually bash a city that seems to get generally good reviews from just about everyone else who visits here (look up the feedback from journalists and others who attended this year’s All-Star Game, for example), then we don’t need him. I’m not going to cater to his whining, whether it’s genuine or part of his “act.”

  2. Screw Louis CK! Why coddle him when he talks such crap?? I lost respect for him a year or two ago when he made fun of Trig Palin, Sarah’s child with Down Syndrome. I’m a lifelong Democrat who thinks Sarah’s political views are reprehensible for the most part, but I would never dream of making a joke aimed at a child with DOWN SYNDROME or the fact that Sarah gave birth to a child with a birth defect! If Louis diCK ever comes anywhere near this town again, I’ll chase his ass back out…..Seriously! There are people who say that Louis is just joking and we shouldn’t take it personally. Yeah, well when he calls my city a “dump” on national TV, TWICE, no less, then he had better steer clear of this city. For LIFE……

  3. Please….don’t give KC another chance. Here’s why.
    I was born and raised in Kansas City, but relocated to Long Island, New York for about 2 years for my husband’s job. I was SO excited to finally leave the Midwest and have a chance to explore all the Big Apple had to offer. It was by far one of the most disappointing, but eye-opening experiences of my life. Everywhere we went was overcrowded (my commute was 2 hours each day), overpriced ($1,600/mo for what I consider a college-dorm living…they told us the brown water was “normal”), dirty (and I mean, wash-all-your-belongings-in-scalding-hot-water nasty) and I met some of the most MISERABLE people…I have a feeling this Louis person is one of them. I’m not sure, I’ve never seen his stupid show. Needless to say, I will never take KC for granted again! Now, every time I see someone wearing an “I ❤ NY" t-shirt, I'm fairly certain that's because they've never actually been there! I like to refer to it as the truck-stop of humanity. So yeah, I'll take Brookside over that any day. :o) KEEP KANSAS CITY LOVELY!

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