Street Work at E 68th and Main, Armour Hills

What’s happening at the three intersections along Main St in Armour Hills, starting at E 68th Terrace and going north?  I stopped today and chatted with the workers to find out. (The City subcontracts this work).

Street Blockage Armour Hills

Apparently there are leaks in the main water valves under the street.  The homeowner at E 68th Terrace and Main reported the leak to the City over a year ago, according to the workers on site.  At the corner of E  68 and Main, a water valve was inserted. This work has nothing to do with the federally mandated sewer upgrade project.

Six Feet Under the Street!

It was interesting to peer inside the hole where the work is being done. ..yes, it’s about 6 feet under!  These pipes are the original cast steel pipes, laid in the early 1920s.  The sections around the water valves are being replaced with ductal iron pipe.  After all the work is completed, the City should send someone out to resurface the asphalt at these three intersections.  No timetable for that project.

In the meantime, it’s a bit of an inconvenience to drive around these intersections but at least KCMO finally got around to addressing the problems!  If the resurfacing doesn’t happen in a timely manner, I’ll follow up with a call to the Public Works Department.

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