Google Fiber Coming to Brookside–More Details You Should Know Pt 1

 Last night I attended the Google Fiber meeting for homeowner association leaders.  Google has done an excellent job of launching this service in Kansas city—plenty of media advertising, local news coverage and an easy to navigate web site with detailed  information.  Before the meeting,  I asked friends and family:  what other questions do you have about signing up for Google fiber?  Here’s what I found out:

1)      What if you have more than one TV?  Yes, you will be charged extra to connect more than one TV to the service.  Those rates aren’t determined yet.

2)      What fiberhoods wil get connected first?  The order of installation depends on the number of  people registered in that area.  If your fiberhood has more households signed up as of the deadline, you will get service quicker.

3)      What if I have Google Fiber connected to my house and I move? Can I take Google Fiber with me?  No, the fiberbox stays with the house.

Shuttlecock light fixture at Google Fiber HQ

4)      What if I buy a house in a fiberhoodthat doesn’t have the individual Google Fiber box and I want the service?  If that neighborhood has already been serviced by Google, and your new house doesn’t have it, you will have to wait until Google can come back and connect your individual house. No timetable for how long that will take.

5)      If I don’t sign up for the service before the Sept 9 deadline, and decide later I want Google Fiber, can I still get the service?  That may be  possible, but it may be a long time before your home is connected.  Those who sign up by the deadline are first to get the service.

6)      After the Sept 9 deadline, when will Google start connecting individual homes?  Google plans to start connecting homes by mid 2013, and there will be a calendar online that shows which fiberhoods will be connected when.

7)      How will customer service work?  Google will have local customer service  representatives and two remote call center service centers.

8)      How will condos be connected to the service?  Google is still working out the details on this. 

9)      When will Johnson County get Google Fiber?  It was announced yesterday that parts of northern Johnson County will be able to register soon for the service.

I have more information to share about my visit to the local KC Google headquarters, which I will do in part two of this blog.  This is a very exciting opportunity for homeowners, and I believe it’s worth the $10 to register for the service now, even if you change your mind later and decide you don’t want it. Watching the demos of this superfast connection–it opens up a whole new way of instantly connecting with business, services, friends, family and entertainment.  The tech world will be watching us closely as this service is implemented.  Get on the spaceship!





1 thought on “Google Fiber Coming to Brookside–More Details You Should Know Pt 1

  1. I’m not vehemently anti-Google, but using a made-up word like “fiberhood” to replace “neighborhood” is ridiculous. People live in neighborhoods — i have no idea what people do in “fiberhoods,” but I bet it’s depressing. Please, when doing otherwise good reporting, refrain from using corporate lingo and PR buzzwords when a perfectly good ordinary word will do.

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