The Stone House at 63rd and Brookside

The Stone House

The Stone House in Brookside

How many times have you seen this house in Brookside and wondered…what’s the story behind this stone house?  Now that it’s for sale, I thought I would share a bit of history regarding this landmark home.

Originally built in the 1920s, this house was the home and office of Dr Ozais.  The Brookside shops were  not yet developed when the house was under construction.  The home itself is made of concrete and stone,  and there are concrete floors under the hardwoods.   A greenhouse in the back was used by Dr Ozais to grow medicinal herbs.  Reportedly, this house cost $10,000 to build.  Current asking price is $499,000.


One of the Stone House fireplaces

From 2002 to 2008, this house was The Stone House Bed & Breakfast, operated by a local Brookside resident and written up in several travel publications. It is not zoned as commercial property.  Inside, there are three floors with a finished lower level that can also be used as a living area.  The bedroom suites are large, and the house still retains  much of it’s original charm.  There is a carriage house in back (originally used as a maids’ quarters), with a cozy screen porch off the rear of the garage.  On the first floor, an elaborate a dual fireplace  separates two living areas.  A sunny breakfast room adjoins  the  kitchen, and  from the outside you can see the balconies and side porch built around the property.

Stone House porch

Stone House porch

It’s home like this, in such a visible location, that give Brookside such a rich history and appealing character.  Who knows what the next owner will do with the property?  Because of it’s solid stone construction, this house will stay a landmark in our area well beyond our lifetimes!

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