The T-Shirt Deli in Brookside

Last week on one of the warm autumn days I finally walked into the T-Shirt Deli in Brookside. I had heard about this new shop that opened over the summer, but didn’t have a chance to visit until recently.  Located at 116 W 63rd in the former Pickleman’s spot, this place has a fun, laid back atmosphere and a clever marketing concept–the personalized tee shirt delivered like a  deli sandwich!

The T-Shirt Deli in Brookside

Started by a woman who grew up in Brookside, this is the third T-Shirt Deli location–the other two are in the Chicago area, where the owner lives.  There is a lot to choose from here–several ‘menu’ books of various decals and phrases that can be imprinted on the shirts. Or, you can make up your own copy at $1 per letter–different fonts and colors are available. The shirt you chose is one cost, and the personalization is an additional price. They can print just about anything except trademarked and sports logos. Some of the biggest sellers are those that play on words, like “Chillin’ With My Peeps” (with chicks) or “Hanging With My Gnomies” (picture of gnomes).  The BKS logo is popular as well.

The T-Shirt Deli uses American Apparal clothing, and there are other offerings besides tee shirts–some zip fleeces, long sleeve shirts, infant sizes and even a dog shirt too.  Don’t expect to walk in, chose a design and walk out a few minutes later with your shirt–it takes a couple of hours to create.  You can order in advance online through their website.  Once your order is ready–it’s packed in butcher paper and served to you with a bag of chips.

T-Shirt Deli Counter

The T-Shirt Deli is open Monday through Saturday, and it’s a great place to buy a unique gift for someone.  My husband used their services for his Halloween costume last month that displayed a political saying. I can see this place being very busy for the upcoming holiday season.

Shop local–support Brookside’s newest business, the T-Shirt Deli!

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