Brookside’s Current Sewer Line Project

Wondering what’s going on with the street construction around Meyer west of Wornall Road?  It’s not the huge federally mandated sewer improvement project, although the work does affect  sewer lines.  The official title is “Brookside Watershed Area Storm and Sanitary Sewer Improvements, Phase 3B”.  And here’s what that means:

In Brookside, some sewer lines are combined — storm sewers and sanitary sewers join together to feed into Brush Creek.  During heavy rains, this type of line can cause sewer backups for homeowners in the area.  So the “Brookside Watershed Area”   project is a type of flood control, with the goal of alleviating sanitary sewer back up flooding in residential basements.  The contractor is repairing these underground pipes and/or replacing them.  The KCMO Water Department employees are not doing the work; it has been outsourced to Blue Nile Contractors.  It started in May of this year, and won’t be finished …until May of 2015.  So prepare yourself for several more months of ripped up streets, sidewalks, and detours.

Streets affected in Phase 3B are:

Valley Road from W 65th north to W 62 Terrace

Meyer west of Wornall

Greenway Terrace

Pennsylvania north of Meyer

Wornall from huntington to W 57 Terrace

W 58 Terrace west of Wornall

Funding is coming from PIAC dollars (which is funded by taxpayers).  The next phase of the project is 3C, which will also affect homeowners west of Wornall.

It is up to the contractor to notify  homeowners in the area that their streets and sidewalks will be torn up for this infrastructure project.  Notifications can be made by using fliers, doorknockers and public meetings. However, homeowners may not be notified exactly when work will begin on a certain street.  I used to live on W 58th Terrace, one of the blocks currently being worked on, and I checked with a friend still on the block about how he was notified of the project.  He told me he received a general mailing back in May–basically a fact sheet from the CIty with a description of the project and contact numbers.  That was all. So, I suppose it’s up to the individual homeowners to call and find out exactly when their street will be affected in order to plan ahead.

Here’s a link to the fact sheet on the project:’s

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