Be Grateful For Another Day

It’s Monday in April and the weather has turned cold and it’s snowing – are you complaining? Will you go about your routine day, slightly bored with the monotony of everyday life: tackling the daily to-do list, bugging the kids to get homework done, annoyed that your boss doesn’t appreciate your hard work? Stop…now… and be grateful because you have another day.


The shootings in Overland Park, KS yesterday have shocked everyone. It was a normal day, with normal people going about their business of living everyday life. Was it a normal day for the alleged shooter, a man who must be so filled with hate that he is compelled to shoot innocent people? A man who must so hate his everyday world that he feels he has to end the lives of others? A man who feels no remorse for his actions?


I am not going to rant about the need for more gun control and mental health counseling. Nothing will change. Not today, not a year from now. There will be more massacres and more people killed. This is practically a daily occurrence in our country.


Credible sources tell me the third person murdered yesterday was a Brookside resident. She and her family are members of St. Peter’s Church as we are; she coached my daughter’s volleyball team for a year. Her son and my daughter were in the same class at St. Peter’s School. She was visiting her mom at the time of her murder. Just a normal day for her, until the actions of one man ended it all…forever.


So, be grateful for another day and everything that comes with it: the wet snow you see falling on the spring flowers; the exasperation you feel when your kid is annoying; the extra project that just plopped on your desk; the comfort of the blankets on your bed at night. There is no time to complain about the small stuff…you could be dead tomorrow. Right now, you are alive.



1 thought on “Be Grateful For Another Day

  1. Mary, I very much appreciate what you wrote. It is a useful and important message–cherish the day. I am sorry that your friend was killed yesterday.



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