KCUR and 90.9 The Bridge Need Your Support!

Friends, family and many of my clients know that once upon a time…I used to be a disc jockey  (is that still a term used today??).  Those were fun times,  playing actual vinyl records, making live appearances at nightclubs, going to concerts and interviewing bands.  Most of my broadcast career was in the late 70s/‘80s, as groups like U2, The Police, Elvis Costello, The Clash, New Order, REM, The Cure, etc were becoming famous.  And even though I’m  older now, I will always  listen to a great rock song really loud…still get those inner thrills and tingly feelings from the music.


A couple of times a year I revisit my DJ days when I volunteer during the membership drive at KCUR…and this year, I’m also helping 90.9 The Bridge with their on air fundraising.  Every day, I listen to KCUR, punching it on through my radio, phone or laptop.  Like so many other KC residents, it’s regular  part of my routine–and every day, I hear some type of interesting news story or special feature.  KCUR feeds my brain, and if you are a KCUR listener, you should help support the station by donating this week during the Spring Fund Drive.  I’ll be on today from noon-2pm–call 816 235 5287 when you hear my voice or  donate online.  


KTBG The Bridge is also having a fund drive this week–have you been listening to  this great adult oriented station since it signed on in January?  The Bridge is a commercial free station that focuses on new music, some classics and has a strong emphasis on playing songs from local bands.  Their website is fantastic if you want to keep up with the local music scene–you can hear interviews with the bands and live performances.  Tune into 90.9 The Bridge and donate –  I’ll be on the air 10am-12:30 on Thursday April 10.   

KCUR and The Bridge 90.9 are two excellent radio stations that are vital  to the Kansas City metro area–you hear national news, local music and intelligent discussions regarding important local issues (streetcar expansion; a new KCI, etc).  If you listen….show your appreciation by making a donation this week during their on air fund drives.  Both of these stations broadcast 24 hours a day for you, the listener.  The money you donate will come back to you tenfold, through music, news and entertainment every single day.  Thank you!

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