Heirloom Bakery Plans March 2015 Opening

Happy 2015! I took a vacation from blogging over the past few weeks…just relaxed and enjoyed the holidays with family and friends.  Saw some movies, baked a lot, indulged in those special treats you feast on once a year, and indulged in a few post Christmas sales.  I hope your holidays were a special time as well.  Speaking of baking….

Heirloom Hearth and Bakery, under construction at 63rd and Brookside

Heirloom Bakery and Hearth,  under construction at 63rd and Brookside

The topic for my first blog of 2015 was going to be an interview with the owners of  Heirloom Bakery and Hearth, at the corner of Oak and 63rd St (401 E 63rd).  For a while there was a sign on the corner, announcing a Fall 2014 opening…but you know how these things can get delayed!  I contacted owners Kate and Scott inviting them for a chat, and they suggested I get back in touch in several weeks–they now hope to open in March.  Brookside neighbors are really looking forward to this place–and I’m also excited this corner is turning into an attractive retail shop after years of being an eyesore!

In the meantime, you can buy their delicious homemade breads and sweets nearby at Season and Square, 6205 Oak, or Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters, 419 E 18th St.  Contact Kate and Scott Meinke at the website.

Blogs coming up within the next two weeks include a recap of Brookside/Waldo housing stats for 2014 and information on KC’s Restaurant Week!



1 thought on “Heirloom Bakery Plans March 2015 Opening

  1. Hi Mary!
    Love your blog. Glad you took some time away to enjoy friends and family but keep them coming ☺.

    Jen Parker, PHR
    Recruitment Manager
    Burns & McDonnell
    (816) 822-4272

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