New Brookside Senior Housing – Already Sold Out!

Brookside Senior Residence apartment kitchen

Brookside Senior Residence apartment kitchen

I visited the Brookside Senior Residences at Rockhill Greens recently–what a nice place for seniors to live!  I was excited when I read about this project several years ago, as there is a huge demand for moderately priced senior housing in our neighborhood. Located at 6700 Troost, this building offers 37 one bedroom ($485/month) and 9 two bedroom ($575/month) apartments with complete kitchens, including the appliances.  Residents must be 55 years of age or older, and meet income restrictions (one person, $29,081; two persons $35,520).  The apartments are wheelchair accessible.  Each floor offers laundry facilities, and residents can enjoy the outdoor patio, multi-purpose room, media room and exercise room.  This is a non smoking building, no pets and the 46  parking spaces are not assigned.

Ella McDaniel, Property Manager at Brookside Senior Residences

Ella McDaniel, Property Manager at Brookside Senior Residences

Ella McDaniel used to be with the KCMO Housing Authority, and is now the on site Property Manager at Brookside Senior Residences.  “I love it here!” she says, “I love my residents and I’ve always enjoyed working with older adults.  The average age here is 70, and most everyone is very active.”  Ella explained that all of the residents moved here from homes in the immediate area–they didn’t want the maintenance of a home any longer.  They are forming new friendships, check in on each other and enjoy their new surroundings.  Ella is working on establishing partnerships with the nearby YMCA, Share a Fare and other services for her tenants.

Multi-purpose room--not yet decorated!

Multi-purpose room–not yet decorated!

Brookside Senior Residences opened in mid December and currently has no vacancies–they do have a waiting list of 57 people!  The owners are planning a phase two nearby. I don’t know of any other age-restricted apartment buildings specificially for seniors in the Brookside/Waldo area.  There are several independent living facilities, like Armour Oaks or Kingswood, but those places have higher monthly fees, extensive meal service and more amenities.  For those with a more limited monthly income–apartments like Brookside Senior Residences will always be in demand as the population ages. For more information, contact Ella McDaniel at 816 361 0313. (They do not have a website at this time).

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