Street Festival Closes Ward Parkway in Brookside on Saturday

Hello neighbors!  Today’s blog is a quick one to remind you about the Cycle in the City street festival on Saturday May 16. Note that  Ward Parkway, between Gregory and Meyer Circle, will be closed from 11am-7pm.  Gregory and 63rd St will not be closed, but traffic on those blocks will be extra heavy due to the rerouting of Ward Parkway traffic.

cycle oneThis is the first year for the  Cycle in the City festival in Kansas City.  It’s a free, family oriented event that promotes walking, biking, jogging and skating.  I have a personal comment to insert here:  I am a supporter of street festivals, however I am tiring of having yet another event (in addition to all the major runs that go through Brookside) that closes down a major street in our neighborhood for several hours on a weekend.  I hope the Cycle in the City organizers move this festival to another part of the metro in 2016, as we already  have plenty of residents who bike, walk, skate and jog through our neighborhood on a daily basis, no ‘extra’ promotion of these activities is needed.

I will also mention another big event for Waldo happening Saturday:  the Hopfest Craft Beer Festival, from 2-6 at the Waldo Outdoor Pavilion at The Well, 7421 Broadway.  Over 50 breweries will be represented, along with some home breweries, plus live entertainment and food trucks.  Admission is $40 per person.

Enjoy your weekend in Kansas City!

3 thoughts on “Street Festival Closes Ward Parkway in Brookside on Saturday

  1. Hi Mary!
    Did you end up attending this event? My husband, 9 month old, 2 dogs and I did…and LOVED it. Even if we didn’t have a child, we would have gone and had a blast. There was so much energy and things to do!! I was bummed my roller blades were up north at my Dad’s house. I really hope they do have it again in the future in the same spot and here is why: Ward Parkway is the best street this city has to offer in terms of safety, beauty, overall centralized location and it provided three lanes to have riders, skateboarders, walkers, etc. The layout of the venue was incredible and I can’t believe it hurt traffic that much as it was a small portion of the street versus the entire times they block off the street for the ½ marathon events. Anyone could shoot over to Wornall or Stateline and then get back on the Ward Parkway later if they had to. I am hopeful you have a follow up blog post if you did go (or talk to more people to get their thoughts). I saw so many happy families and people out enjoying the day. I feel it needs to get the credibility and love it deserved ☺!!!

    Jen Parker, PHR \ Burns & McDonnell
    Recruitment Manager \ Human Resources
    O 816-822-4272 \ F 816-822-3516 \
    9400 Ward Parkway \ Kansas City, MO 64114

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    • I did not attend Cycle in the City–I was working! Did hear favorable comments from friends and neighbors who were there. Agreed that WP is one of the most beautiful streets in the city…and there are others streets that could work just as well. I think I read the organizers plan to ‘move’ the event around the metro area — should be just as successful if they do.

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