New Spice Shop in Brookside – Perfect for Browsing and Buying

Savory Spice in Brookside

Savory Spice in Brookside

Need inspiration for dinner ideas? Looking for a unique yet practical gift for a friend? Ready to start holiday shopping early?? Stop by the new Savory Spice store at 6245 Brookside Blvd and spend some time browsing …you will be inspired!

This shop overflows with all kinds of spices, rubs, specialty salts and peppers plus pre-packaged blends for dips and specialty baking ingredients. The products are ground and milled in Colorado, then sent in bulk to the Kansas City store where they are bottled and labeled. I especially like the recipe cards that are available in each area of the store to inspire you as you browse; more recipes and detailed descriptions of the blends and spices are on the website. If you love popcorn–there are several blends to spice up your next bowl! Many of the blends can be used in different ways: for example, as a dip or  salad dressing just by adding a few other ingredients.

Unique to this store are the ‘recipes to go’ displayed at a table by the front window (near the samples!!). These bags have pre-measured spices and directions so you can easily whip up some pickled carrots or red onion marmalade. Also, you can buy as little as one or two ounces of the blends and spices to try several different flavors and see which ones you like best. As for gift ideas, customers can put together personailzed gift boxes with help from the staff or purchase a pre-made box from the display.

Amber Helm and Chris Curtis

Amber Helm and Chris Curtis

You may have seen Savory Spice stores in other cities; this particular location is ‘company owned’ by the Colorado couple who started the chain. The store manager is Chris Curtis, who worked at Jacobson’s; the assistant manager is Amber Helm who came from Pinstripes. In talking with Chris and Amber, it’s obvious they know the product they are selling and have a strong emphasis on customer service. Although the store has been open less than a month, so far the most popular spice blend is Pike’s Peak Butcher’s Rub (for meat), plus the different varieties of vanilla flavors for baking.  All products are MSG free, and it’s recommended you use the ground spices and blends within 6-9 months for peak flavors.

Brookside could become a mecca for home cooks and professional chefs now with two stores emphasizing spices and specialty ingredients–remember Season+Square at 6205 Oak. Savory Spice is open Monday through Friday 11am-7pm; Saturday 10am-7pm and Sunday noon-5.

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