New Pre School Opens September 2015 in Brookside/Waldo Area

Brookside/Waldo families now have another preschool option: Rhyme&Reason Preschool of the Arts at 7100 Main St, inside the New Reform Temple, opens this month! (Note: the school is renting space, there is no religious affiliation).   This is a wonderful addition to our neighborhood, and the two sisters operating the school are so very excited to show off their new space to prospective children, their parents, and the community.

Rhyme&Reason has a unique focus as well–their mission is to ‘encourage, inspire and guide every child through a school based on community, experience and learning through the arts”. All types of art will be introduced to kids at the school, and incorporated into their everyday activities.

Ashley Held and Brittany Margolies

Ashley Held and Brittany Margolies

The twin sisters in charge, Ashley Held and Brittany Margolies, have worked in preschools for the past ten years. Both have a BFA in Visual Arts and Design from KU, and Brittany earned her master’s degree in education from UMKC. Ashley and Brittany believe they are offering a ‘fresh take on preschool’ , combining their passion for art, design and children. They were inspired by another pre-school focusing on the arts: Sweet Pea Cottage in Seattle.

Rhyme&Reason classroom

Rhyme&Reason classroom

When I met with Ashley and Brittany, they explained what makes the school different: the classrooms are mixed ages (from 2-5, no potty training required) and every week there is a different ‘theme’ to focus on . For example, one theme could be the human body. Teachers and students would discuss the body in circle time; a nurse would be brought in as a guest speaker; the kids would examine different medical equipment and how it’s used, etc. In addition, each month the school will feature a different artist and incorporate him or her in various activities. If Rauschenberg was the featured artist, various types of collage work would be incorporated into activities during the month.

rhyme classroom blueRhyme&Reason offers two light-filled classrooms featuring games, puzzles, a sensory table, pretend play area and various toys and books. There is a garden to explore just outside the front door. It is a nut-free campus and the school provides a daily snack; students bring a sack lunch. There is also video surveillance and secured entry to the building. The school year runs from September through May, and for this Fall, offers a morning session only from 8:30-12:30. They hope to add an afternoon session in February.   Rhyme&Reason is community focused: they will teach the kids about volunteering, and want to bring in community leaders like a local chef to help the young ones with cooking classes (there is a  full kitchen) or a high school teacher to help with science experiments. Volunteers are welcome here!

If you, or someone you know, is searching for a pre-school in the Brookside/Waldo area, check out Rhyme&Reason Preschool of the Arts. You can reach Ashley or Brittany at

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