New Traffic Signals Coming to Brookside


Looking west at Meyer and Wornall–new traffic signal coming soon!

Have you noticed the construction project underway at two key Brookside intersections? New traffic signals are being installed at Wornall and Meyer plus Wornall and 63rd St–the heart of Brookside and two of the busiest intersections in our neighborhood.


I stopped by today and spoke with one of the contractors about the scope of work. (Kansas City MO isn’t doing the job; the City has subcontracted the work.)  The old traffic lights are coming out, and the new ones will have updated features:  ‘talking’ signals for the deaf and lights suspended on ‘arms’ that hang over the intersections.  New crosswalk lines will be painted as well.

If the weather cooperates, both intersections should be updated and work completed within a month.  Your tax dollars at work…improving Brookside!

arm light

Example of an ‘arm’ traffic signal

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