Play With Clay at the KC Clay Guild

guild sign

You have probably driven by the KC Clay Guild in Waldo many sits at the corner of 200 W 74th St at Wyandotte. .  The long brick building may not catch your eye…but inside, there’s a buzz of activity going on as artists and amateurs create sculptured, colorful pieces out of dull gray clay blocks.


clay guild wood VP

Josh Wood, VP at KC Clay Guild

I met with Vice President Josh Wood recently to find out more about the Guild. Wood says he ‘geeked out’ on ceramics in high school, then took a few classes in college and got hooked on the process.  He’s been with the Guild nine years (plus has a full time job in Olathe) and is still actively creating ceramic works.  He explained the KC Clay Guild was started by several local Kansas City potters in 1988.  They wanted a studio to work in  and have been at this location fifteen years.  If you’ve ever been curious about playing around with clay–or just like to collect beautifully sculptured ceramic art — this is the place to be.

The KC Clay Guild is a non profit association with about 400 members. If you want to see what working with clay is like, Wood suggests attending a Communiversity class.  Or you can check out one of their Family Fun Nights (Fridays and Saturdays) and experiment with the process.  Membership fees are very reasonable, and you’ll meet all sorts of people here: professional potters, aspiring artists, hobbyists and even kids learning the process.  All pieces are fired and glazed on site.  They offer a variety of workshops and special events, plus summer camps for kids and there is  a big fundraiser every October called Raku Night.  This is a large street party where you can create a ceramic piece, have it fired and then glazed all at one time.

clay guild mobile


On April 30, 2016 the Clay Guild will host their first Spring Pottery Sale.  Josh commented that there are always pieces for sale on site, and  prices here are less than purchasing at an art fair. During the Spring sale there will be several artists displaying their work for sale — you may want to stop by and pick up something for yourself or as a gift!

The KC Clay Guild is open seven days a week—check out their website at for more information. And if you are looking for some unique clay art–stop by the sale on Saturday!

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