Waldo Home Sales-2017 Year End Recap

Wonderful Waldo finished the year strong in terms of rising home values…will report on those stats in the latter part of the blog.  Prices have been on a steady rise the past few years.  First, let’s examine the figures for December 2017 with comparisons to last year.  I’m using the boundaries of Gregory to 85th St, State Line to Holmes:

December 2017                                                     December 2016

Median list price:       $164,950                          Median list price:    $179,900

Median sales price:     $161,500                         Median sales price: $179,000

No. of homes sold:      32                                     No. of homes sold:    17

Days on market:          37                                     Days on market:       21

Although the median price dropped compared to 2016, more home sold that were in the lower price range for Waldo. That affects the median sales price.  

Here are 2017 the year end stats: 

2017                                                                               2016

Median list price:      $175,000                              Median list price:     $167,200

Median sales price:   $177,000                              Median sales price:  $167,500

No. of homes sold:       393                                     No. of homes sold:    396

Days on market:           13                                       Days on market:         21

For the second year in a row, many sellers got asking price or above for their homes.  About the same number of homes sold–but in less time.  Two weeks on market before getting an offer is fast!!  The lowest sales price in 2017 was $37,500 and the highest was $480,000.  Home values increased 5.6% over 2016.

Here are median sales prices for a few preceding years:

2013:  $144,000; 2014: 149,975; 2015: 159,250.

Waldo home values have increased 22.9% in five years!  Of course, that increase in value does not apply to every home; seller maintenance, updates and location all figure into the home selling price.  I predict Waldo will continue to be a hot location for home buyers in 2018!  Currently there are 22 single family homes for sale in Waldo, with a median list price of $207,500 and 31 days on market. Lowest list price is $59,000 and highest is $439,900.

(All figures taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

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