Waldo Antiques Building Coming Down

waldo antiqueA fixture of Waldo for decades, Waldo Antiques and Furniture closed last year.  Driving by this spot at 226 W 75th St, just east of Wornall, was a visual treat–there was usually a few eclectic pieces of furniture or odd painting on display right there on the sidewalk.  It was a local spot–a place you could wander in and browse, finding something that you wanted to buy but didn’t necessarily need!

An LLC, comprised of three partners, recently purchased the building and plan to tear it down.  Working with El Dorado Inc, the new 10,000 SF building plans to host retail, services and office space.  El Dorado remodeled the Botwin building at the NW corner of 75th St and Washington –it now houses Boru and Crow’s Coffee.

Say goodbye to the old brick building; hello to a modern new one.  Let’s hope whatever goes up on the lot blends in with surrounding architecture. Now if only the old Brandsmart building on Gregory would be demolished…that place has been sitting vacant for years and is a real eyesore.  This area is prime Waldo real estate–I’m also looking forward to the street improvements planned for the 75th and Wornall intersection, although that construction is a few years down the road.

Thank you for supporting locally owned and operated Waldo businesses!

4 thoughts on “Waldo Antiques Building Coming Down

    • Thank you for the correction! I actually thought of that after I drafted the blog as I pass that old Brandmart location every day! But I forgot to make the adjustment. All fixed now! Thanks for reading my blog.

  1. It’s my understanding that the building used to be home to an ice house. Was there no effort or interest in restoring it?

    • Hi Kelly: thanks for reading my blog! It’s my understanding that the LLC that purchased theproperty felt it was beyond repair and plan to demolish and build something new. However, I drive by there often and don’t see much activity! Mary

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