New Salon “Moonshot Hair Co” Opens in Waldo

Is it time to get your hair cut?  Perhaps a fresh style for the holiday parties ahead or “just the usual” in a relaxed environment, surrounded by local artwork?  If you’d like a new experience, check out Waldo’s new salon Moonshot Hair Company, located at 7108 Wornall. 

moonshot staff

Owner Brooke Smith on the right; Shana Lee on the left

Owner Brooke Smith has over twenty years of experience working with men and women’s hair.  After working at other local salons for ten years, she decided to open her own shop.  “It was a natural progression” she explained when I stopped by recently.  “I wanted to run my own place, and I wanted a gender neutral shop—where everyone feels welcome.  And I love my Brookside/Waldo clientele—it’s a family oriented area that supports local businesses”.  Brooke is an expert working with all kinds of men’s hair, including facial hair, and is especially proud of her association with Sporting KC and the Kansas City Royals.  A longtime Royals fan, she was determined to cut one of the player’s hair.  She  got  her chance with Drew Butera in 2014—who loved her work and spread the word in the clubhouse.  As her reputation grew, so did her sports clientele.  She’s also a national educator for the 18.21 Man Made line of products. 

moonshot inteririorBaseball and JKF inspired the name of her shop as well:  “moonshot” is the term for a really high hit home run, and Kennedy’s speech with the line “we choose to go to the moon in this decade not because it will be easy, but because it will be hard” resonates with Smith.  “I wanted a challenge, and am inspired to succeed”.  Sharing her passion for this work is Shana Lee, who moved to Kansas City from Los Angeles a year ago—and is so dedicated to her California clients that she flies back once a month to take care of them!

Moonshot Hair Co. has it’s grand opening tomorrow, Thursday November 7 from 7-9pm –stop in!  There’s a raffle benefiting the Veterans Community Project  for a years’ worth of free haircuts, plus live music, food and giveaways.  And if you’d like to stop by for a haircut, you can make an appointment through the website.  The salon is located at 7108 Wornall, just south of Louie’s Wine Dive.

moonshot hair front

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