Taco Cacao Now in Waldo

Just about every week I find myself craving Mexican food…especially in the warmer summer months. Do you feel the same? We have several local options in the Brookside/Waldo area, so why drive into a generic chain for the taco fix? Support Local!

Taco Cacao opened several weeks ago at 7927 Wornall. This is a taco and burrito food truck. Readers, usually I contact the owner/manager to get some background information for the blog–but the contact I had for Taco Cacao did not return my call. So this blog is just the basics…

The food is hot and inexpensive. There are all kinds of taco and burrito combinations, vegetarian included, and all items are to go. Beverages include Coke, Sprite and Jarritto Mexican Soda. There is a picnic table next to the truck–however it’s pretty noisy with all the Wornall traffic whizzing by. I saw several customers eating in their parked cars! Other options include purchasing “family packs” and three salsas by the pound! When I stopped in, it was around 2:30 in the afternoon and for a snack, I ordered a black bean/rice taco topped with guacamole. By the time I got back to my office about ten minutes away–the food was still hot, wrapped tightly in foil inside the styrofoam box. Fresh guac!! The man I spoke with was friendly and service oriented. I’ll be making this a regular stop for a quick lunch or dinner!

This photo above is actually on the building just behind the truck. I was wondering if the food for the truck is cooked inside? But as I was not able to speak with a manager, it’s a mystery–along with why the logo is a pig in a taco??

TacoCacao is located at 7927 Wornall, that’s on east side of Wornall, on the corner next to 79th Terrace. It’s actually easier to park on 79th Terrace and walk up the street to order. The food truck is open Monday – Saturday 11-3 and 5-8; Sundays 11-3. You can order online as well. Thank you for supporting small business in Waldo!

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