Happy Birthday Brookside!

Way back in 1919,  JC Nichols broke ground on the Brookside Shops at the NE corner of 63rd St and Brookside.  Oh, if only we could travel back to that time as observers:  just image building a community with no computers; when electricity was still scarce, air conditioners were not common and women wore long dresses with hats every day??  That was the way we were when Brookside got started. 

Brookside 100 years

One hundred years later, the Brookside shops and surrounding neighborhoods are still going strong so it’s time to celebrate!  Every Saturday and Sunday in August, many merchants are offering special discounts and sales for their customers.  It’s a festival of customer appreciation for keeping Brookside such a strong destination for shoppers and diners who appreciate supporting locally owned businesses.  Deals include 20% off at The New Dime Store, 25% off the special BKS 100 Year Candle from 5B@ Co and $5 off a $25 purchase at Brookside Toy and Science.  (Visit the Brookside website for the complete list of offers).

And if you are in need of yet another tote bag, many shops are offering a commemorative canvas bag for $10, stuffed with additional coupons.  

Celebrate Brookside’s 100th birthday with special deals every Saturday and Sunday through Sept 1..and thank you for supporting our locally owned neighborhood businesses!