New Community Space Opens in Brookside

If your Brookside/Waldo home has a front porch—you know how relaxing and welcoming the space can be.  For those of us without that amenity, please enjoy the new front porch at HJ’s Youth and Community Center, 6425 Wornall.  The sleek new building joins the campus of St Andrew’s Episcopal Church at Meyer and Wornall.  HJ’s gathering place is open to all area residents, not just members of the church.

Fr JohnFather John Spicer, Rector, at St Andrew’s, has been watching the construction go on the past several months.  He’s so excited about the new space, and eager to show it off to the Brookside/Waldo residents. As he explained to me, “We want this building to be a place of intersection between the church and the community.”  St Andrew’s Youth Ministry will meet here, along with Boy Scout Troup 16 (here for more than 90 years!).  Other groups are welcome:  community meetings, business associations, classes for couples and parenting, financial seminars.  Special events like wedding receptions, anniversary and birthday parties can be hosted in the space; there is a catering prep space/kitchen (alcohol permitted) and there will be a staffed coffee/snack bar with a special Roasterie Blend coffee named for the church.  So if you are weary of working from home, or need a break while walking the trail, stop in the lobby of HJ’s, grab a beverage and relax on the patio!



east wall


A lot of dedicated, design conscious thought went into the appearance and amenities of the outside of the building so as to engage the neighborhood residents and passers-by.  On the east side, there is a fire pit on a patio (pictured at left) and a water station. A bike repair area will soon be installed for those who use the Trolley Track Trail.  Father John hopes to host summer movie nights on the building’s east wall.  The front porch will have Adirondack chairs and a bike rack.  And notice the large steel WELCOME sign on the west and south side of the building!

HJ’s Youth and Community Center will host an Open House for the neighborhood this Saturday, April 28 from 1-3pm.  Please stop by and see this beautiful space that everyone is welcome to use and enjoy.  Oh—and if you are wondering about the pumpkin and Christmas tree sales, they will still take place here! For more information, call the church at 816 523 1602.  Online space reservations will soon be available at