Support Local Businesses: The Sweet Guy

First you need to know that The Sweet Guy isn’t just sweets…more on that later.  Second, this is one of those places where the staff will learn your name and greet you as you come in… so let’s learn a little about the background of this Waldo business and it’s happy, friendly owner.Brookside blog photos

The Sweet Guy opened on Broadway (just south of Waldo Pizza)  about seven months ago when owner Blake Matthews moved his business from Parkville to Waldo.  He’s a culinary school graduate and was a trauma nurse in his previous profession. (I’m sure he would share stories over coffee regarding that career choice.  Wonder what his views are on the health care debate?)   Business has dropped off a bit  in the past few weeks but Blake expects it to pick up as the weather gets colder and people start holiday shopping. There are two other coffee shops within a couple of blocks of The Sweet Guy…and here’s what makes his store different:

Everything is made on site. Blake is dedicated to quality control and fresh foods:  the gelato, the artisen chocolates, the lunch offerings, even the salad dressings are made at the store.  (note: this is what sold me–I so dislike a fresh salad with a dressing that came out of a plastic bottle.  It’s not that hard to make them fresh and it makes such a difference!) (And yes, I make my own dressings at home).  He’s got the best mocha in town, as he doesn’t use chocolate syrup out of a plastic bottle for the flavor–he uses the same premium chocolate that goes into his speciality chocolates.  You can choose from a white, dark or milk chocolate mocha latte.  Also, he uses Shatto milk.  Blake hopes to  start raising   chickens and growing vegetables on his ten acres in north KC to use at the store in his cooking–that’s dedication to a premium, tasty product.

 Blake serves lunch every day (except Monday–the store is closed) and once again, it’s fresh food prepared to order:  you can build your own salad (just like the Mixx concept) for a cheaper price; you can also build your own pasta dish, choosing from three sauces and various mix-ins (each $6.95).  There are sandwich options, including two vegetarian choices ( all under $10), served on toasted ciabatta. Are you hungry yet? I know, I know, you want to hear about the sweet stuff…

Oh yes the gelato is a decadent splurge, tastings are offered, and the best selling flavor is ‘wedding cake’. One small cup is a nice portion for two people. The breakfast pastries and cookies/brownies are a generous size, and the chocolates–averaging under $2/piece, well this delicacy should be savored slowly on the tougue.  Check out some of these options: dark chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon sesame, McBailey’s and honey lavender white chocolate. Oh yes, there are many more, made fresh at the store each day. 

The Sweet Guy has free wi-fi, plenty of seating and parking, and the staff is friendly.  Although the hot new Waldo spot is The Well just down the street, The Sweet Guy offers a fresh, healthy, inexpensive lunch option and a relaxing enviornment for conversation or a solo coffee break. 

Stop in The Sweet Guy the next time you are nearby. You’ll like whatever you try and …you’ll make a new friend. Website:

Thanks for reading my blog…your comments are welcome~ Mary Hutchison