Home Sales Statistics–Armour Hills and Rockhill Gardens

Just the facts, m’am–here are home sales statistics for the month of November for these two Brookside subdivisions:

Armour Hills:

Four homes sold, averages sales price $163,600.  Eight homes are pending/back up status, average list price of these homes is $208,000. 

Currently 24 homes for sale in Armour Hills, average price is $234,000.

In November 2009, ten homes sold, average price was $247,125.

Rockhill Gardens:

Two homes sold in November, average price $249,475.  Three homes are pending/back up status, average list price is $165,667.

In 2009, five homes sold for an average price of $192,804. 

Currently eleven homes are for sale, average list price is $182,709.

(Important to remember that in November 2009, the $8000 tax credit was in effect, spuring sales.  This November, no tax credit.)

Average prices can vary widely as these statistics show.  Remember, in this area it’s all about specific location and interior updating, besides the usual number of bedrooms/baths/garages.  Short sales and foreclosures drag down the average sales price in all neighborhoods.

Thinking of selling your home next year?  Or thinking of buying in Rockhilll Gardens/Armour Hills?  Email me if you have questions–glad to help!

Thanks for reading my blog.

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