Armour Hills Homes Association–Sept Board Meeting Recap

Our monthly Armour Hills board meeting was on Tuesday night…here’s a brief recap of what was discussed:

*The Ice Cream Social was a big success!  Even though it was delayed one day because of rain, we had a great turn out on Sunday. Next year we may look into getting bids from caterers–it’s a lot of work for one person to organize.

*We have several businesses interested in advertising in The Clarion.  The next issue will be out in October with the first ads.

*Mistie brought a sample of our Welcome bag for new neighbors.  Area businesses have been very generous with coupons, gift cards, freebies and other items for the bag.  These should start being delivered to new residents sometime this fall.

*We looked at new landscaping plans for the island at W 65 Terrace and Linden, nothing has been chosen just yet.

*Despite lots of calls, we can’t find anyone who will suck up leaves if they are left in the curbs (without bagging them).  We are investigating paying for an extra leaf and brush pick up for all residents.

*Two KCMO police officers reported that there are a couple of homeless people hanging around Armour Hills.  They advise DO NOT hire anyone who is looking for work, saying something along the lines of ‘I’ll get rid of your trash for $5’.  Be sure to keep all cars locked and don’t have any valuables visible in the vehicle.  Police officers are still being called regularly to Southwest High School as the new school year begins.

*Gunnar reported on the new striping for several crosswalks and the speed bumps on Main.  We are trying to get the metal plates removed that are located at 68th and Main.  The work has not been completed, the water department will not return calls or answer questions about this project.

Note that this is not everything that was discussed–I took notes on most of the items. Our next meeting is October 18 at 7pm, Country Club Congregational Church.  All residents are welcome!

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