Reflecting Back on 2012 Clients–Grateful for New Friends!

Although we’re just into 2013, I want to take a few minutes to look  back at 2012 from a business point of view.  I’m proud to say that 2012 was my most successful year in real estate so far!  I attribute that to my hard work and love of the job, a somewhat better economy, and motivated, educated clients who understand the current market we’re in.

As I look back on last year’s business, one of my favorite things to do is think about all the new fun friends I’ve made as a result of helping them buy or sell a home.  Through many shared conversations about topics other than the business at hand, friendships have formed and will last long after the deal is done.  It is by far the best benefit of being a real estate agent! 

Pictured below are a few of the homes I’ve sold with a little bit of information about the owners, and what I appreciate about each of them:

Dave and Anna's Armour Hills Gardens home

Dave and Anna’s Armour Hills Gardens home

Dave and Anna bought their first home in Armour Hills Gardens almost a year ago.  I knew when I saw this home pop on the market that it was a house they would like.  Anna appreciates modern, clean design and it shows in her decorating.  Dave is a musician on the side, and the finished basement is perfect for his hobby.

Carrie and Matt's Brookside home

Carrie and Matt’s Brookside home

Matt and Carrie found me through the internet.  They moved here with their 3 year old daughter from Detroit.  They were not very familiar with Kansas City and fell in love with Brookside.  Their larger home is perfect for visiting family and they love walking to Brookside shops and restaurants.  Carrie and Matt are especially appreciative of their new friendly neighbors!

Matt and Leila's Waldo home

Matt and Leila’s Waldo home

Have you heard about the trend toward smaller homes?  Matt and Leila bought this smaller home in Waldo because of the lower price, energy-saving features and walking distance to Waldo services.  Matt recently finished an energy audit of his home and is installing even more upgrades to lower his monthly utility bills.

Lisa and Keith's Leawood home

Lisa and Keith’s Leawood home

Lisa and Keith almost bought the wrong house.  We searched for a long time and thought we had found ‘the one’ — but after careful consideration, they decided against it.  I’m glad–I had a gut feeling it wasn’t the right house for them.  Then this beautiful Leawood home came on the market and they snapped it up.  It’s a house they plan to live in for many, many years, and a perfect house for raising a family.

Jim and Kelly's home on Central

Jim and Kelly’s home on Central

Jim and Kelly have lived in the Middle East, and I enjoy hearing stories about their world travels.  Now they’ve settled in Kansas City as Jim accepted a job teaching at Rockhurst University and Kelly sells medical equipment.  Jim bikes to work or takes his scooter.  Kelly is taking full advantage of that welcoming front porch with warm, inviting decor!

Jeff and Diann's home in Overland Park

Jeff and Diann’s home in Overland Park

I had kept in touch with Jeff and Diann for about two years before they finally made the move to Kansas City from Wichita.  They bought a patio home in Overland Park close to the Town Center shopping area. Diann has done a fantastic job remodelling the kitchen/hearth room–I should write a blog on that transformation alone!  Jeff was transferred to the local office of his law firm, and both are enjoying being closer to family in the area.  Diann and I never seem to run out of things to talk about when we meet for lunch.

This blog would be way too long for me to list all of the other people I worked with in 2012.  Charlie and Pim, Chris and Erin,  Jeff and Michelle, Peter and Allison, Adam and Liana, Brandi and Anthony and so many  more–all wonderful folks that I loved working with and look forward to staying in touch with as the years go on. And who are the new friends I’ll be blogging about in 2014 at this time?  I’m looking forward to meeting you soon!

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