Waldo’s Most Unique Coffee Shop

“It’s our love letter to the neighborhood”

One More Cup in Waldo

One More Cup in Waldo

Do I really need to write any more in this blog about One More Cup?  That sentence, from the website, says it all.  I recently visited with Stacy Neff, who co-owns One More Cup with her husband Jeremy.  You are about to read why this coffee shop stands out from all the others in the Brookside/Waldo area.

One More Cup has an interesting backstory.  In 2008, the Neffs decided to buy the building, which was a Mexican restaurant at one point and, for a short while, a coffee shop.  They had the financing in order and started working on the interior.  In the fall, the stock market crashed, the recession slammed the economy and the consumers were in a panic, cutting back on spending.  One More Cup opened in February 2009.  It was a rough start but they’ve seen steady growth every year since, and they attribute their success to strong support from the neighborhood.

Outside Patio at One More Cup

Outside Patio at One More Cup

When you walk into One More Cup, it doesn’t feel like a typical coffee shop (like a Starbucks, Roasterie, LatteLand).  It’s smaller and more eclectic–almost like stepping into  an art friend’s living room.  That’s because Stacy graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute and decorated the interior herself on a budget.  All the essentials are here: comfortable chairs, wi-fi, local artwork, home baked goodies. Outside, behind the shop, there is a shady patio with plenty of seating. They serve only organic, fair trade coffee, Shatto milk products and the fresh pastries and sandwiches made nearby.  They also offer gluten-free and dairy-free foods. Stacy herself bakes treats to serve using the on site ovens and prep area.  

I think these two features of One More Cup really make it special:  their employees are paid better than many other places and the Neffs offer health insurance for their full timers.  Those two management policies alone make it worth your while to support the shop. They also compost / recycle 95% of the waste created.  Stacy explained that’s what they do at home, teaching their kids good environmental habits, and they feel the shop is an extension of their home and what they believe in.  And their prices are reasonable!

The whole vibe of One More Cup can be described in this quote from Stacy:  “We want to be a happy spot in someone’s day”.  You can feel the warmth and friendliness when you walk in.  And it all starts from the owners.  Thanks, Stacy and Jeremy, for bringing your unique coffee shop to Waldo!

Stacy Neff

Stacy Neff

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