Stoplight Changes at Two Brookside Intersections

signal signDriving around Brookside last week, you may have noticed this sign at two  key intersections: Gregory Blvd at Main St and Meyer at Oak.  The stop signs will be removed, and the stop lights will be reactived and in use as of August 7.

Last October, KCMO abruptly turned off stop lights at several key intersections around the city, including at these cross streets in Brookside (plus Main at Meyer and Wornall at 59th St.)

Residents howled at the changes, because they were not informed of the plans and several of these intersections are near schools.  KCMO says it is too costly to operate  these outdated signals and doesn’t have the money to replace them.  Stop signs, they say, will cause traffic to slow down and stop accordingly, plus  save money.  

So now we see the posted signs saying ‘we listened’ and the lights are coming back on.  I’m in favor of the change back to working signals.  The intersection of Main and Gregory gets backed up during rush hour and the Meyer/Oak intersection is a major crosswalk for children attending St Peter’s School.  Meyer and Main, an intersection I cross several times a day, seems to be working OK with the stop signs.

But what about the inactive light at 59th and Wornall?  This one should be turned back on too.  The lights have been covered  with fabric, and there is not even a  stop sign on Wornall.  This intersection is very difficult to cross (east-west) without a working light, especially during rush hour.  I have called the KCMO Public Works department twice and left messages to find out their plans–no call back yet.  (As a side note, have you noticed there are no published phone numbers on the website for the various city departments?  Most of the pages list the Action Center number.  Good luck trying to reach a human if you don’t have his/her specific direct line!).  This light was turned off several months ago,  and something needs to be done–either reinstate the signal or install  a four way stop.  I prefer the signal.  A four way stop would cause lengthy car backups along Wornall.  

The good news is we are getting the two working signals back in Brookside, although the City has ‘no money’ to keep them operating. They are ‘outdated’ and expensive to replace.   As a resident, I am weary of hearing how the city has ‘no money’ to do something as basic as public safety regarding traffic lights.  Besides the usual taxes, we pay an extra 1% earnings tax.  Where does the  money go?  (I think I  know…but won’t say here!) .  I am  grateful the lights  will be turned back on, and I’m assuming someone found the money to keep them operating for now.

Now, please let us know what’s happening with the light at 59th and Wornall.  I’ll keep leaving messages for an answer…

3 thoughts on “Stoplight Changes at Two Brookside Intersections

  1. I believe the light at 59th & Wornall was put in to replace the east/west stop signs about 1966. This was the year Bryant Elementary students began attending Bingham Junior High, and there was newly created student traffic on Wornall to catch the bus. Not that student safety was the impetus! but rather the reason for my memory of its installation near that time frame. Despite the lack of students now attending public school, has the traffic flow improved over the decades to allow its removal?

  2. Old post so not sure if this is still a concern for you but I contacted the city earlier last year about that intersection as I live at 58th and Wornall and see wrecks there almost weekly. The city ultimately got back and said there accident report shows it’s a low accident intersection. Not sure what their definition of low accident is but I told them that eventually someone is going to die there. Super bad accident today with two SUVs and an RV. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a fatality based on the looks of it.

    I told them that if they’re not willing to put a stoplight back in that they should at least cut down the trees and bushes on the immediate corners that lock the view but no response to that.


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