Welcome to Waldo: Second Best Coffee

How many coffee shops does it take to satisfy our craving for a cup ‘o joe or a creamy latte? Another locally owned coffee cafe opened January 31 called “Second Best Coffee” at 328 W 85th St–in the strip mall with Corner Cafe and Chelly’s. Owners Nathan and Leih Anderson felt other parts of KC are already saturated with many types of coffee shops and decided on Waldo for their location (and they live nearby). The space is cozy and comfortable, featuring an exclusive Slayer Expresso machine to prepare the drinks. They also offer breakfast burritos and Mexican Coke.

Nathan Anderson, co-owner of Second Best Coffee in Waldo

Nathan Anderson, co-owner of Second Best Coffee in Waldo

I asked Nathan what distinguished his shop from others in the area, and he said “Second Best Coffee is an espresso centric café that makes every drink to order. We focus on quality, yet value approachability. As we move forward, we will be offering coffee classes with varying topics from home brewing to coffee cupping.” His wife Leih added the espresso selections rotate daily, and Second Best Coffee focuses on bringing out of town blends to their shop as they feel local brews are already well represented. Indeed, a friend of mine stopped by their shop recently and was surprised to recognize a coffee from Michigan on the menu–where he is from! A couple of other unique things about Second Best Coffee: they make their own flavored syrups (including a lavender honey and chocolate) and offer whole and soy milk only, no 2% or skim. Hours are 6:30am-1pm Mon-Fri, and Sat 7:30am-2. One of my favorite aspects of this shop is the easy parking…you can always find a spot in the large lot!

Welcome to Waldo, Second Best Coffee…it’s the locally owned shops and businesses that make this neighborhood unique and special. Stop by and try a cup of Second Best Coffee soon!

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