February 2014 Home Sales Stats – Armour Hills, Brookside

How many people showed up for the Brookside St Patrick’s Day Warm Up Parade on Saturday?  Hard to tell…thousands for sure, as it was a beautiful day!  I saw so many neighbors and friends while walking around, watching kids pick up tossed candy and older adults comfortably seated on the sidelines to watch the festivities. This event shows off the diversity of Brookside residents and how we all come together for a good time in support of our neighborhood.  Special thanks to Marti Lee and her team at Southtown Council for their hard work in pulling this event together every year, whatever the weather.

It’s that time of the month where I check monthly home sales stats for the Brookside area.  This blog will focus on my neighborhood of Armour Hills–below see a summary of February 2014 sales with a comparison to February 2013:

Three  homes sold in February 2014, with an average list price of $226,450 and an average sales price of $223,800.  Average days on market:  32.

Four homes sold in February  2013, with an average list price of $261,238 and an average sales price of $257,375.  Average days on market:  79.

Although we had one less sale last month than a year ago–look at the days on market.  Less than half compared to  Feb 2013.  The average sales price was significanltly higher in 2013 because one home sold for $390K–an unusually high price for AH which skewed the numbers up.

Looking at year to date figures:

For the first two months of 2014, seven homes have sold at an average price of $239,333 and 22 days on the market.  For the first two months of 2013, six homes sold at an average price of $245,250 and 62 days on market.  Again, the $390K sale upped the 2013 average price, with days on market much shorter this year.

Currently there are 13 homes for sale in Armour Hills, with a median average list price of $244,000 and 98 days on market. I am using the median price as the house at 6625 Brookside Road is priced at $450,000–on the high end for our area.

Below I posted a few pictures from the parade on Saturday.  Be safe today as you celebrate St Patrick’s Day! Watch for wobbly pedestrians.  I’ve decided on a U2 music marathon today as I work at my desk.  Turn it up!

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed)

Mark house 2014

Roasterie 2014

album cover 2014

Stuff 2014

Stumpy 2014

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