Neopolitan Style Pizza Comes to Waldo-Pizza Manifesto

I’ve been wanting to stop by this new pizza shop in Waldo, Pizza Manifesto, as it has been open a few months now.  Finally ate there last week,  along with my teen daughter and another (college aged) friend.  It was  Wednesday night, we arrived just after 6:30pm and we were the only people there during our stay.  There was one guy working behind the counter.  I expected to be busy during the dinner hour; perhaps it was just an off night!


Pizza Manifesto in Waldo

Pizza Manifesto in Waldo

Pizza Manifesto is Neapolitan style pizza–very different from a more traditional place  like Waldo Pizza  across the street.  The menu boasts “quality Naples-milled flour” and only water, yeast and sea salt are added to create the thin, chewy crust.  Ordering your pie is similar to the Chipotle concept:  you pick a base sauce of marinara, pesto or olive oil–and then customize your toppings from the display in front of you.  There is fresh and shredded mozzarella, various meats, veggies and several cheeses.  An average price for a pie with two toppings would cost $7.50–and there are a couple of specialty pizzas.  Two salads are available, and a selection of gelato, plus beverages.

The pizza is baked in under two minutes, in a very hot oven–so watch that first bite, it can burn  the inside of your mouth!  Most ingredients  are fresh and very basic and simple , as a Neapolitan pizza should be.  The décor is minimalist as well–concrete floors, metal chairs, small pictures on the wall, bags of flour on display.

Pizza SienaDaughter and friend enjoyed their selections–fresh mozzarella, chicken, arugula for the toppings. I liked my simple topping of plum tomatoes and mushrooms. I certainly felt this pizza was ‘healthier’ than a typical D’Bronx or Minsky’s slice–and they are totally different styles and flavor profiles. The pies are cut into four slices, and it’s easy to eat two and save two for lunch the next day.   The service was friendly and quick.  It seemed a little odd there weren’t more people in the place, and hopefully business is good overall as I understand it’s a locally owned spot. Reviews are generally  very positive on Yelp! and Urban Spoon.

Pizza ChristinaPizza Manifesto is located at 505 W 75th St, just west of Wornall and is open seven days a week.  Stop by and try it for yourself!  Thank you for supporting locally owned Brookside/Waldo businesses.

1 thought on “Neopolitan Style Pizza Comes to Waldo-Pizza Manifesto

  1. We ate there a few months ago and probably will not go back. While the food was good, we were also there around dinner time (probably 6:30) and it was also not busy – there were 2 other tables occupied with probably about six customers total. It took nearly an hour to get our pizza, and when we asked the staff to pack it to go due to the long wait they were very rude about it. Hopefully these were both just examples of off nights, but there are so many good pizza places in KC (including Neapolitan great pizza) that they are going to have to seriously up their game if they want to stay in business

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