What’s For Lunch or Dinner? Try This New Waldo Spot

Let’s be frank:  it’s a daily, often boring chore to plan and prepare fresh and healthy meals for one person or a family of five, even if you enjoy cooking.  My daughter used to work at Cosentino’s Brookside Market as a ‘utility clerk’ (she bagged groceries), watching busy, suited singles and parents with hungry kids rush in, grab whatever from the prepared food section and dash out. We want convenience!! When my family is scattered and it’s just me at 6pm–I’m fine with eating a bowl of cereal or steaming some edamame to munch on with a side of grapes.

bite logoThere’s a new Waldo ‘grab and go’ spot that’s a tasty and nutritious  alternative to the usual grocery store salad bar or pizza delivery.  Called Can I Have  A Bite?, owner Kathy Hale is preparing fresh food daily for your convenience with an emphasis on using local meat and produce.  (Longtime KC residents may remember her 1990s vegetarian restaurant called The Daily Bread).  But don’t think all the choices are vegetarian–what’s different here is Kathy offers four versions of her food:  “real” meaning no dietary restrictions; vegan, vegetarian and paleo.  Here’s a sample of the menu items when I stopped by last week:  vegan lasagna (one of her more popular dishes), chicken aioli wrap, a kale-apple-almond salad , lemon lentil soup, cashew meatloaf and pizza, plus a selection of spreads and desserts.  She also offers a couple of breakfast items each day and partners with Red Headed Philosopher Coffee (also local) for beverages. Note that this coffee vendor offers more than coffee, like homemade lemonade and an Iced Grasshopper drink –yummy!

Kathy Hale

Kathy Hale

Kathy wants her customers to “know the story behind your food” like she does–all of her vendors grow organic and don’t use pesticides or hormones.    She created all the recipes and cooks everything herself.  I asked her  if she had a calorie count and nutritional info for each item.  Her philosophy is not to focus on calories, but  on what you are eating–and make sure it’s fresh and free of chemical additives. Still, the portion sizes are reasonable and I don’t think any item would be unreasonable in the specific calorie count.

The point here is healthy convenience–the menu changes daily, and there are always several options.  The entrees are frozen so it’s easy to stop in, buy dinner  and heat up at home. Breakfast and lunch items are  easy to pick up prepared and ready to eat.  Check the Facebook page or website for what you want and text Kathy with your order.  Currently Can I Have A Bite? is open Tuesday through Friday from 6:30am-4:30pm, Saturday 7:30am-4:30pm and Sundays from 10am-2pm.  It’s located at 8011 Wornall (east side), across from the Autozone.  You can park right in front of the shop (easiest if you are heading north on Wornall) or turn on W. 80th Terrace for an off street spot.

Stop by and try something from Can I Have A Bite?. Spread the word to your friends who are on restricted diets.  Thank you for supporting locally owned Waldo and Brookside businesses!

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