Brookside St Pat’s Parade Sat March 18, 2017

st patsTomorrow is the day for the 37th Annual Brookside St Patrick’s Day Warm Up Parade!  Rescheduled from last week (due to weather), the forecast for tomorrow is for a high around 60 degrees–much better!

The parade begins at 2pm at 65th St and Wornall Road, and continues along Meyer, Main and Brookside Road.  It should end around 4pm. The complete route is at  Expect street closures to start in early afternoon. 

Please be extra aware of pedestrians, bicycles, scooters, and heavy auto parking on the residential streets around the parade route.  Enjoy this family friendly event and thank you for supporting our locally owned Brookside businesses and services!

1 thought on “Brookside St Pat’s Parade Sat March 18, 2017

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