Crosswalk Changes Planned for Brookside Shops Area

Fortunately we have many crosswalks in Brookside and most drivers are respectful of the pedestrians and runners we have on the streets and sidewalks.  However, you should know about the  changes planned for one of the most popular areas: the crosswalk on 63rd St between Michael Forbes Grill and Panera Bread.

photo west

This crosswalk will be eliminated within the next few months.

The plan is to eliminate the crosswalk at this intersection and improve the crosswalk to the  west that  connects the two parking lots (behind Midwest Bank on the north and the future Starbucks location on the south) across 63rd St.  A pedestrian signal will also be installed  with a flashing red stop for the traffic.  This west crosswalk isn’t very far from the stoplight at 63rd and Brookside Blvd.  So when the updated crosswalk work is complete, it sounds like there will be a second light signal, (the new pedestrian one), also stopping vehicles  less than a block away from the 63rd and Brookside stoplight.  It will be interesting to see how that works out from a traffic perspective.  I’m sure there will continue to be many people crossing 63rd St between Michael Forbes and Panera, even if the crosswalk there is eliminated.  If the changes keep the cars, trucks and buses moving at a slower pace–it’s well worth it.

photo east

Another view of the crosswalk scheduled to be removed on 63rd between Michael Forbes and Panera Bread.


This project was planned to be done before the St Pat’s Day parade but as with most City projects, will be delayed and hopefully completed before the Brookside Art Annual in May.

As a side note, Starbucks plans to open by the Art Annual.

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