Armour Hills Home Sale Report-May 2021

Well neighbors, the Armour Hills subdivision in Brookside hit a record last month for the highest recorded sale of a single family home. Hard to believe, but someone paid $130,000 over the list price! How crazy is that? Let’s look at the numbers:

May 2021                                                                                       May 2020

Median list price:     $365,000                                                    $352,000

Median sales price:  $363,000                                                   $352,500

No. sold:                         9                                                                 16

Days on market:          2                                                                  4

The lowest sold price last month was $300K, and the highest was $605,000 on a $475,000 list price. It was a beautiful house–a record high closing price for Armour Hills. Here are the year-to-date numbers:

Jan-May 2021                                                                                Jan-May 2020

Median list price:              $367,450                                           $349,900

Median sales price:          $379,950                                           $342,500

No. of homes sold:            26                                                        29

Days on market:                                                                         10

Home values have increased in Armour Hills almost 11% year to date compared to last year. Currently there are four listings in the area, with a median price of $354,450 and 23 days on market.


(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)

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