Brookside Home Prices Rise in 2014



Good news for Brookside homeowners!  Once again our home values increased in 2014!  I just checked the stats for single family homes sales last year (in zip code 64113)  and properties continue to sell at an overall higher price than 2013.  Below I am outlining the details, with a comparison of the last several years for reference.

Year        Median Sales Price        Avg Days on Market        # of Homes Sold

2014            $306,000                                    41                          290

2013            $295,000                                   45                           306

2012            $275,000                                   61                           294

2011            $249,000                                   87                           204

2010            $264,000                                   87                            209

For the year, prices are up 3.72% from 2013, and 11.27% since 2012.  The average time a house sits for sale before going under contract shrunk by a few days; the number of homes sold down by a few units.  

Brookside continues to be a popular location for all types of homeowners.  In 2014 we saw several teardowns on our area plus the rehabbers continuously snap up houses to update and flip.  The east side of 63rd St is bustling with  new businesses and office space.  Current homeowners add on to existing homes, update interiors and there are more school choices for young children.  All of these improvements add to the desirability of Brookside as a place to live which translates into higher home values.   (Also – 2015 is a property tax reassessment year for Jackson County, so you may see an increase in your property taxes.)  

I will briefly mention December 2014 stats as well:  nine homes sold, with a median sales price of $236,000.  In December 2013, seven homes sold at a median price of $224,900.

Currently there are  single family homes for sale in the Brookside zip code of 64113 with a median list  price of $425,000 and 130 days on market.   (All figures taken from Heartland MLS and deemed reliable but not guaranteed).

Brookside Home Sales Report Jan 2013

Everyone is snowed in today in Brookside!  Luckily, my house still has power, many of my neighbors do not.  Back to work now after shoveling the driveway and sidewalk!  Let’s review the January 2013 single family home sales in the main Brookside zip code of 64113:

In January 2013, 16  homes sold.  The average list price was $278,488 and the average sales price was $260,503.  Average days on market: 73.

In January 2012, 8 homes sold.  The average list price was $357,933 and the average sales price was $346,167.  Average days on market:  123.

Don’t be alarmed that the 2013 list/sales price was so  much lower.  Although there were twice as many sales in January 2013 than 2012, in 2012 five of the eight homes sold over $300K. In 2013, five homes sold over $300K but the rest of the homes sold at a much lower price, therefore bringing down the average sales price.  The market continues to improve over last year as homes are selling much faster–73 days on the market vs 123 in 2012.

Figuring the percentages, home sales were up in Brookside 50% in January 2013 from 2012, and homes were selling about 50% faster than the previous year!  Good news all around.

Currently there are 65 single family homes for sale in zip 64113, with an average price of $734,581 and 201 days on market.  The average list price is much higher than usual because about half (30) of the 65 homes for sale are priced over $500K, and 11 of the 30 are priced over $1 million.  The more expensive homes take longer to sell; thus the higher days on market. Overall, the Brookside housing market has  recovered from the housing crash and I think sales will be very strong during the busy spring buying season, even beating  last year’s strong numbers.