Armour Hills Board Meeting February 2012

Last night was the monthly meeting of the Armour Hills Homes Association.  As a board member, I usually blog a brief recap of what was discussed.  These are not the official minutes but information from my notes:

*Approximately 15 residents attended to talk about crime prevention in Armour Hills.  This group presented several suggestions for residents and the board to fight crime in the area.  They are talking with Euston Hardware and local security companies about offering special discounts  AH residents–these details may be published in a future Clarion or presented in a separate meeting to homeowners in the near future.  Their main request is an increase in annual dues (could be as much as $60 additional per year) to pay for off duty KCMO police officers to patrol our neighborhood.

*Improved communication with residents is a big goal of the Board this year.  Tiffany is currently writing an RFP to  streamline and outsource our communications to a separate company/individual.

*We are talking with ATA regarding regular upkeep and maintenence of the overpass of the Trolley Track Trail.  Landscaping needs to be done — with a potential hefty price tag.  It is possible that AH will take over the  maintenence of this specific part of the trail once a landscaping design is agreed upon.

*We are discussing a possible Earth Day event for residents.  Dumpsters would be available for refuse.

*Resident Mel Solomon presented a proposal regarding pruning 200-250 trees in Armour Hills.  He would do the work himself.  The board will consider his proposal.  At this time, no funds are set aside for tree pruning.

All residents are welcome to attend our board meetings.  The next one is March 20 at 7pm at the Country Club Christian Church. Thanks for reading my blog!


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