Armour Hills Board Meeting February 2012

Last night was the monthly meeting of the Armour Hills Homes Association.  As a board member, I usually blog a brief recap of what was discussed.  These are not the official minutes but information from my notes:

*Approximately 15 residents attended to talk about crime prevention in Armour Hills.  This group presented several suggestions for residents and the board to fight crime in the area.  They are talking with Euston Hardware and local security companies about offering special discounts  AH residents–these details may be published in a future Clarion or presented in a separate meeting to homeowners in the near future.  Their main request is an increase in annual dues (could be as much as $60 additional per year) to pay for off duty KCMO police officers to patrol our neighborhood.

*Improved communication with residents is a big goal of the Board this year.  Tiffany is currently writing an RFP to  streamline and outsource our communications to a separate company/individual.

*We are talking with ATA regarding regular upkeep and maintenence of the overpass of the Trolley Track Trail.  Landscaping needs to be done — with a potential hefty price tag.  It is possible that AH will take over the  maintenence of this specific part of the trail once a landscaping design is agreed upon.

*We are discussing a possible Earth Day event for residents.  Dumpsters would be available for refuse.

*Resident Mel Solomon presented a proposal regarding pruning 200-250 trees in Armour Hills.  He would do the work himself.  The board will consider his proposal.  At this time, no funds are set aside for tree pruning.

All residents are welcome to attend our board meetings.  The next one is March 20 at 7pm at the Country Club Christian Church. Thanks for reading my blog!


Armour Hills Board Meeting–Jan 2012

Hi neighbors, here’s a brief recap of our first meeting of 2012 of the Armour Hills Homes Association.  It was held January 17 at the Country Club Congregational Church:

*All board members were re-elected to their postions.

*President David Pucci reported that many goals we set for 2011 were accomplished; one of the major goals was bidding out the upkeep and landscaping work for the park and islands, one of our largest expenses.  With the new contracts in place, we are saving money over previous years.

*One important goal for 2012 is requesting proposals for upgraded communication with homeowners.  This included management of the Clarion newsletter, Facebook page and website.

*Several homeowners from E 69th St were present to discuss what can be done about increasing crime in Armour Hills.  They plan to form a separate group to study the issue and offer suggestions to residents.  They would like to have homeowner dues raised to pay for regular securityy patrol of the neighborhood.

*We need an activites chairperson for 2012–no volunteers have stepped up so we divided  up the major social events and board members will organize accordingly.

*Our PIAC funds request are still under consideration, a decision is expected this Spring.

This is not all of the topics that were discussed, but the highlights.  Armour Hills residents are welcome to come to any board meeting.  The next one is at 7pm on Feb 21, same location.

Armour Hills Board Meeting Recap-Feb 2011

Here’s a brief recap of what was discussed at the Armour Hills Homes Association board meeting, February 15, 2011:

*Residents were pleased with the private company who provided snow removal during this year’s snowstorms. Our policy is to order the private service when snowfall reaches 4″ or higher.  Due to the two  heavy snowfalls, we are out of money for snow removal at this time.  I believe we pay  $4000 per snow removal.

*We are trying to organize a meeting at Southwest High School with other homes associations and a representative of the KCMO School District to discuss possible solutions to the continued vandalism and truancy at the school.

*There is a need to keep our website current; Sadie will now oversee the Armour Hills Facebook page.

*Several residents are past due on payments for annual homeowners fees.  Dan will research what other homes associations in the area do to collect past due payments.

*The proposed reopening of the Hale Cook neighborhood school at 73rd and Pennsylvania has about 15% of the needed 300 students enrolled to open in Fall 2011.  The deadline to enroll is March 31.

*A resident is working to stop AT&T from installing more  unsightly concrete pads with control station boxes adjacent to his property at 65th Terrace and Main (similar to the ones located on the west side of Main at 68th St). Although these boxes are in the public right of way and on utility easements, they impede the line of sight for traffic and pedestrians–it is a life safety issue.  The resident is trying to get a ‘code opinion’ from the City attorney’s office. This issue will be brought up to Jan Marcusson, our district representative on the City Council. 

*GEO Bond money is available for the 4th district and board member Gunnar Hand has put repainted crosswalks near the Trolley Track Trail  on the list of funded projects. This will cover an area between 65th St and Gregory on Brookside Road.  Thanks, Gunnar!

*The board discussed writing a letter expressing an opinion regarding the controversy surrounding the new Posinelli building on the Plaza.  This letter would be posted on the website and submitted to various city officials involved with the decision to allow the new building.

*Allen Dillingham attending the meeting, he is running for the 2cd district at-large seat on the City Council.  His platform emphasizes jobs, neighborhoods with community policing and an image makeover at City Hall.

All Armour Hills residents are invited to attend the monthly board meetings.  The next one is March 15 at 7pm.

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