Brookside (Kansas City MO) Home Values Up 9% in 2013

Another year completed…and what a year it has been for Brookside home values!  Overall, a hefty increase in average selling price from 2012. Let’s first  look at December 2013 figures, then move on to year-end statistics. The numbers below reflect single family home sales in the  Brookside (Kansas City MO) zip code of 64113:

In December  2013, 21 homes sold.  Average list price was $558,667 and average sales price was $508,900.  Average days on market was 99.

In December 2012, 16  homes sold at an average price of $298,788  and 88 days on the market.

Obviously that is a huge jump in average sales price. That’s  because a $3.65 million home closed in December (1217 W. 55th St), along with five other homes priced over $500K.  These sales pushed the average sales price way up.  Days on market were higher in December 2013 because generally it takes longer for the upper bracket homes to go under contract.

Now let’s compare 2012 to 2013 Brookside home sales:

From Jan-Dec 2013, 307  homes  sold  at an average price of $368,994 and 86 days on market.

From Jan-Dec 2012,  296  homes sold at an average price of $337,524 and 114 days on market.

There was a 9% increase in average sales prices between 2012 and 2013–excellent news for homeowners!  Days on market was less as well.  In 2013, I saw many more higher priced homes selling in our neighborhood, including several close and over the $1million mark.  Brookside has successfully weathered the housing crash and is again a strong area of interest for buyers.  Another indication of Brookside’s desirability as a neighborhood is the number of teardowns/new build jobs going up–I’ve seen three projects in varying stages of completion.

As of this writing, there are 69 single family homes for sale in the Brookside zip code of 64113 with an average list price of $729,282.  The highest priced listing is at 5550 Ward Parkway, priced at $4.25 million.  The lowest listed home price is on the 6400 block of McGee at $159,500.               .

(All figures taken from Heartland MLS and deemed reliable but not guaranteed).

Upcoming Brookside/Waldo Events:  Networking for Brookside/Waldo businesses is Wed Jan 22 from 8-9am at Spay and Neuter KC, 1116 E 59th St.

2 thoughts on “Brookside (Kansas City MO) Home Values Up 9% in 2013

  1. These stats are great to see, but they would be more meaningful if you used the median instead of the mean. Then the high- and low-priced outliers would not cause problems for your calculations.

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