Armour Hills Home Sales Stats-Aug 2018

Quite a few homes closed in Armour Hills last month–our subdivision continues to be one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Brookside!  Below are the stats and year-to-date comparisons:

August 2018                                                              August 2017

Median list price:     $327,450                          Median list price:    $285,000

Median sales price:    $322,500                       Median sales price:   $285,000

No. of homes sold:       10                                 No. of homes sold:    11

Days on market:          22                                  Days on market:        19

It’s unusual for there to be such a large difference in the YTD sales price–over $37,500–however last August, more of the lower priced AH homes closed.  The lowest price last month was $217,500 and the highest was $370,000.

Now for year-to-date numbers:

Jan-Aug 2018                                                    Jan-Aug 2017

Median list price:     $315,000                       Median list price:     $315,000

Median sales price:  $320,000                       Median sales price:    $312,500

No. of homes sold:      55                               No. of homes sold:     71

Days on market:         10                                 Days on market:        7

Home values are up 1.5% over last year at this time and fewer homes have sold–the days on market are about the same.  Note actual sales prices are over list price for the year–indicating strong buyer interest and multiple offer situations.

Currently there are 6 homes for sale in Armour Hills, with a median list price of $394,950 and 53 days on market.

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)


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