Want To Buy A Brookside House? What To Know-Part One

As a Realtor who is living in a third Brookside home, I work with a lot of homebuyers who want to join me living in the area.  There’s so much charm and personality in this 1920s neighborhood, and with so many desirable amenities, it continues to be a sought after location for house hunters of all ages. There’s a lot to know about buying in Brookside, so I’m starting a series of blogs about what to expect…before you buy!

Brookside mural

First, let’s define a geographical area: for blog purposes, I’m referring to street boundaries of the main Brookside zip code of 64113:  55TH St to the north, Gregory to the south, State Line on the west side and Oak as the east boundary.  It can be argued that west of Oak is also a part of Brookside, especially considering all the new development in Brookside East; and that homes north of 59th St are closer to the Plaza area.  Real estate is first about location, so understand that in general, the homes west of Wornall in Brookside are larger (with higher property taxes) and more expensive than east of Wornall (smaller homes, smaller lots). 

The next thing to know is this:  properties closer to the central Brookside shopping district at 63rd and Brookside Blvd can be higher priced than similar properties farther away.  There is a reason so many buyers tell me “I want to walk to shops, restaurants and a grocery store” – those features are high on many buyers’ wish list and what attracts so many people to this neighborhood.  Developer JC Nichols designed the footprint of the Brookside around the shops—and being within walking distance hikes up the property value.

Finally, to close out this first blog about buying in Brookside…I want to mention crime stats.  Buyers tell me:  I want to live in a safe area.   That’s a subjective statement, so know that if  you want detailed information on crime in Brookside, check out www.crimereports.com.  The KCMO police department reports incidents to this site.

The next blog in this series will focus on typical features and characteristics of a Brookside home.  These are not cookie-cutter newer suburban homes, yet many share similar original features from the 1920s. And the Brookside charm will never go out of style!  Your comments and suggestions about topics to cover are welcome!

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