Want To Buy A Brookside House? What To Know – Part Two

Main St porch

Everyone loves a Brookside front porch!

For today’s blog, let’s talk about the typical exterior and interior features of Brookside homes.  Even though these homes were built in the first few decades of the 1900s, they never seem to go out of style.  Interiors can be renovated and stripped of the original charm (ouch!) —but  newly built homes rarely match the strong durable materials used on the outside in the 1920s.  (There’s a reason you rarely see new homes built with brick–very expensive!) But like any house, both inside and outside need maintenance.  One of the attractions of our neighborhood is the various styles and details you see from block to block–it’s not a cookie cutter area where most homes look the same. 

Here’s a short list of the many exterior features of Brookside single family homes:

*Built with brick, stucco, and/or stone, sometimes accented with wood

*Steep peaked roofs (especially in the Tudor style)

*Wide, welcoming front porch

*Detached garage, or basement garage (some have attached garages)

*Sometimes a shared or easement driveway

*Tall trees on the lot with wide trunks, roots can push up sidewalks.

Walking around the inside of the house, you may find: 

*Hardwood floors

*Detailed crown moldings

*Arched doorways, small breakfast nooks, large dining rooms

*Original windows, sometimes with leaded and/or stained glass

*Smaller kitchen

*Fireplace, sometimes with elaborate stonework 

*Stone foundation basement

*Smaller backyard area

*Knob and tube electrical wiring (may be inactive)

*Leaky basements

*Uneven/sloping floors

*Small closets

*Laundry hookups in basement

Finally, here are common floorplans in Brookside:

*Two Story –all bedrooms on the second floor

*Bungalow—two bedrooms on first floor; one or two bedrooms on the second floor

*Ranch—all bedrooms and living space on main level

Because Brookside offers so many different styles of homes, often on the same block,  get familiar what’s offered and how it suits your lifestyle.  For example, if you prefer a smaller home and don’t cook much—a bungalow with a galley might fit your needs.  The two story floorplan typically has a larger kitchen and more living space on that main level due to all bedrooms on the second floor.  Take note of the way the home flows as you walk through–how does it make you feel?  Which floorplan best suits your furniture?  Some of these smaller bedrooms will not handle a king size bed!

Thanks for reading my blog — your suggestions are welcome regarding what topics to cover!

Armour Hills front porch

A front porch in the Armour HIlls subdivision of Brookside

2 thoughts on “Want To Buy A Brookside House? What To Know – Part Two

  1. This series on what to expect in Brookside was very interesting; and overall I like reading your posts. We live in Waldo and like it here; however, with a growing family we are starting to think about whats next for us. Some ideas for future post could be more family oriented, such as schooling options in the area (and this is a big broad topic and may not be in the scope of this blog), or what are some aspects to consider when modernizing or adding on to a home in our neighborhoods. Meaning, how to do a addition while preserving the architectural design of the house; what are some houses in the area that have done it well.

    Just a though. thanks!

    • Thanks for reading! I usually don’t address schools as that is a very subjective subject–what is the ‘right’ school for a family. As for updating and modernizing a home–that could be a topic but I’m not an architect or interior designer! I could post examples though of homes that I think did an exception job of updating while staying in character with the neighborhood. Appreciate your comments!

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