Brookside Home Sales Report-March 2019

Spring is finally here!  You have probably noticed more and more ‘for sale’ signs popping up in your neighborhood.  More homes should close every month for the next 3=6 months; but checking the stats, Brookside home values are behind in 2019.  Let’s look at the numbers, using the main Brookside zip code of 64113:

March 2019                                                     March 2018

Median list price:     $399,950                      Median list price:    $429,000

Median sales price:  $380,000                     Median sales price:  394,000

No. of homes sold:      29                              No. of homes sold:      23

Days on market:          68                              Days on market:         14

The lowest closed price last month was $241,000 and the highest was $1.1 million.  More homes sold, but many of them sat on the market longer than the previous year.

Checking year-to-date numbers:

Jan-March 2019                                                    Jan-March 2018

Median list price:     $382,000                            Median list price:     $387,450

Median sales price:   $368,375                           Median sales price:  $373,000

No. of homes sold:       52                                    No. of homes sold:     52

Days on market:          75                                    Days on market:        25

Closed sales prices dropped 1.2% YTD compared to 2018.  That’s not a huge hit. However, prices have been rising the past few years (2016 was $382,000; 2017 was $394,230) during the same period.  Possible reasons could include the harsh winter we had this year, keeping buyers out of the market until later, and houses that don’t sell right away often reduce the price as the weeks go on with no offers.  A better picture will emerge as I report the stats for the very busy April/May/June home closings.

Currently there are 48 active single family home listings in Brookside, ranging in price from $224,000 to just shy of $4 million. The median list price is $399,950 and 38 days on market. 


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