Brookside Home Sales Report-December 2019 and Year End Totals

Happy 2020 everyone!  What will the Brookside housing market be like this year??  I really like to track these stats because I think it does offer some perspective on the sales and demand.  Let’s examine the December stats first, then the YTD comparisons. I’m using the main Brookside zip code of 64113 for sales:

December 2019                                                     December 2018

Median list price:     $422,500                             Median list price:     $457,475

Median sales price:    $420,000                           Median sales price:    $437,000

No. of homes sold:      22                                      No. of homes sold:       20

Days on market:        25                                       Days on market:           37

These numbers show us that sellers are getting within just a few thousand dollars of list price, but overall, median prices were down 3.89% over 2018. The lowest sale last month was $270K and the highest was just over $1.2 million.

Here are YTD comparisons for the past five years:

Year                    Median sales price                No. of homes sold             DOM

2019                    $380,000                                         300                                   23

2018                    $397,000                                         285                                   18

2017                    $387,000                                         297                                   20

2016                    $350,000                                          327                                  34

2015                     $327,500                                         342                                  39

It is surprising to me that median home prices were 4.47% lower than 2018. Overall though, Brookside home values up 13.8% since 2015.  The number of homes sold has stayed pretty steady the past few years. There is still a lot of demand for Brookside homes, but in the $350K and less price range..that’s 2016/2015 prices!  As Brookside prices keep rising, lower priced buyers are going farther south and east–Waldo values are up over 2018, and way up since 2015.  Those figures will be posted within the next week.

Currently there are 21 homes for sale in Brookside, with a median list price of $500K and 90 days on market. Eleven homes are listed over $500K, with five on the market for over $1,000,000.  

(All stats taken from Heartland MLS; deemed reliable but not guaranteed.)


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